Industry placements – good for business, good for careers

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The T Level Gateway is a service run by Supplytrain CIC – a social enterprise committed to helping businesses more easily employ and develop young people.

Our aim is to deliver a simple to use service that helps employers understand if industry placements are right for your business. We give you practical ideas on how best to make industry placements work to both the benefit of your business and to the young people that you offer opportunities to.

Simple to use

We know you’re busy. From the moment you submit your interest in the service we guide you through T Levels and industry placements in plain English, making it simple to choose if this is something your business can offer.

Business operations

We specialise is explaining office-based industry placements. That could be offering someone administration work, updating your social media or working with customers on a front desk. All businesses have these functions and we’re here to help.  


We love the difficult questions! If you want to talk about the pros and cons of industry placements or need advice on choosing tasks or projects, we can help. We can also signpost you to more in-depth or specialist support if you need it.

T Level students are looking for your support

Industry placements:

Good for business,

good for careers.


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Six steps to offering industry placements


Submit your interest

Want to know more about offering industry placements?

Submit your interest and we will email you an enquiry form to complete in your own time. If you would prefer to talk to us first, call us on 020 3855 7890.

Expert advice

Once we receive your completed enquiry form, we’ll call you to offer free, impartial, industry placement advice.

We discuss the business benefits, your role and responsibilities and answer any questions that you might have.

Preferred partner

If industry placements are right for you, we’ll put you in touch with a suitable T Level partner local to you. 

This is likely to be a school or college near your premises that has students that are looking for placements.

Design a placement

The T Level partner we introduce you to will contact you to design placements.

This means looking at day release or block release models and discussing specific tasks and projects that students could do whilst working with you.

Match students

The T Level partner will match students to your organisation and finalise any paperwork that needs signing.

Most T Level partners setup interviews before a placement starts, so you can check the students will fit in first.


The students start on the date you agree with the T Level partner. You then start to integrate them into your team.

You’ll give students everyday tasks that need doing and save you time, whilst they gain a real hands-on insight into the world of work.

Industry placements really are good for business and good for careers!

Tasks and projects

Just four simple ideas to support students!

Lots of business owners were grateful to the people that helped them start their careers. By offering industry placments, you will be giving something back to your community. You really are helping the next generation start their careers on the right foot.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the ways that industry placements could support your business, no matter how big or how small it is.

Support for existing staff

Extra pair of hands

Lots of small businesses could do with an extra pair of hands around the office, but can’t afford the extra wages. Industry placements allows you to bring in that added support without the usual costs.

Get noticed online

Social media experts

Charities and start-ups often want to publicise their work on social media, but don’t have the time or expertise. A digital-native student could come in and post news on your social channels or update your newsletter each week. 

See the desire before you hire

A new talent pipeline

Medium and large businesses need fresh talent coming through. Yet, interviews don’t really let you see someone’s ability. With industry placements you can set tasks that allow you to assess work ethic and problem solving skills, before offering jobs to the most suitable students.


A specific project

We’ve all put jobs off at work, like updating the CRM, looking for funding or refreshing the content on the website. Get an industry placement student involved in these time-bound projects.

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T Level Gateway

The T Level Gateway is a service run by Supplytrain CIC – a social enterprise committed to helping businesses more easily employ and develop young people.

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